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About Us

First things first. How on Earth do you pronounce your company's name? Oddly enough we get that a lot! :) We pronounce it "Mah-loo-vree-un"

Maluvrian LLC was started by a family of dreamers after many years of "what-ifs" and "we should'ves." We are finally realizing our dream of starting our own company.

Who we are: Maluvrian specializes in a variety of products, including toys.
Our Vision: To bring a smile to every person on Earth.
Core Values:
1. Customer Service
2. Quality Focus
3. Teamwork
I want Maluvrian to...”Just treat people right”...we’ve lived by that phrase and it’s amazing how living by that simple ideal opens doors and creates opportunities. Not just business opportunities, but lifelong friendship opportunities.
Origin of Company/Brand Name: The name Maluvrian is inspired by a book series that I have been writing in between my day job for the last 13 or 14 years (or forever it seems at this point!).
What Maluvrian means to me: A new world of fun and exciting possibilities that are only limited by our own restrictive minds. Dare to create, dare to innovate, dare to lend a hand, dare to smile. That is what Maluvrian means to me.

I recently had to answer a few questions about our company so I thought I would share that Q&A with all of you.

1. What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to provide an avenue for my children and my family to work for themselves through my company. That is my plan anyway. I will work as hard as needed to provide an opportunity for my family to join me on this journey. If they so choose, we will continue to build Maluvrian forever.

2. What makes your product or business unique?

I wanted to provide a product that will last a child forever. To that end, we added a high quality, real tool bag so that they can grow into real tools and then put it in their own garages someday. We also develop mobile gaming apps and write book series (forever working on those it seems!). 

3. Why do you love what you do?

Two words, creative freedom. My "day job" as an executive at a Pharmaceutical company requires that I collect and analyze clinical data day in day out and am unable to deviate for obvious regulatory reasons. Hence the book writing, mobile app development which spiraled into the creation of our first product. Ultimately, the combination of all of these lead to genesis of Maluvrian.

4. Why do your customers love your products?

We get a lot of positive comments about the quality of the tool bag and our customer service. I personally handle every comment, complaint, question, and phone call because I want Maluvrian to be a company that does the right thing by our customers. I am very happy to see that our extreme efforts with the tool bag is resonating with our customers as we had hoped.