About Us

Here’s a question we get a lot 😀:  How on Earth do you pronounce your company's name? We pronounce it "Mah-loov-re-un." 

Our Vision: To bring a smile to every person on Earth.
Core Values:
1. Customer Service
2. Quality Focus
3. Teamwork
4. Do the right thing
I want Maluvrian to...”Just treat people right”...we’ve lived by that phrase and it’s amazing how living by that simple ideal opens doors and creates opportunities. Not just business opportunities, but lifelong friendship opportunities.

We are also focused on being an environmentally cognizant company. We independently and randomly test (and re-test) our products for ECO-friendly materials on a regular basis.  We want your little builders to be safe, but we also want them to have a beautiful Earth for their little builders to enjoy someday. 

I recently had the opportunity to answer a few questions about our company so I thought I would share that Q&A with all of you.

1. What inspired you to start your business?

We have bought tool sets for our kids, but there was nothing to actually build. When they were done playing, we would throw the tools into some other toy bin and forget about them. We wanted something safe and easy to play with and we wanted a tool bag to hold everything. And so we began...

2. What makes your product or business unique?

I wanted to provide a product that will last a child forever. To that end, we added a high quality, real tool bag so that they can grow into real tools and then put it in their own garages someday. 

3. Why do you love what you do?

Creative Freedom! We get to try and figure out how to get children to smile while creating something with their bare hands. Need we say more?

4. Why do your customers love your products?

We get a lot of positive comments about the quality of the tool bag and I am very happy to see that our extreme efforts In designing and selecting high quality, eco-friendly material for our tool bag is resonating with our customers. 


Welcoming You to the Maluvrian family,

Todd R Smith, Founder & CEO of Maluvrian LLC