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Good Product

This product is very entertaining for my 13 y/o daughter. She built both models and then rebuilt the robot. She keeps that on her dresser now. This is a great product, and I was happy to see that Maluvrian has toys for older kids. I've bought a couple of their products in the past for my younger son (he's 9), and we were really happy with Maluvrian's customer service and the quality of their products. Highly recommend this product in particular.

Absolutely Perfect!

These are perfect for my younger son (he is 5). They are very easy for him to put together and the directions are really easy. He had more fun building other things, but I was really happy he could at least follow the directions for most of the project ideas.

Very Fun!

Got this for my 14 year old son. He had a blast putting this together. Highly recommend this product!!

One of the Best Things I Have Ever Purchased

I bought this for my nephew because I am doing a “construction” camp with him. He is 6, and at the age that I couldn’t decide what kind of tools to get him for fun for the week. My dad, his granddad, is a contractor, and I woke up to them building a race car at 7:00! And had been playing with it all since early morning 😊 it’s safe to say, He loves it! We will be buying more foam wood soon 😊😊😊

Perfect refill pack

This was exactly what I was looking for as a refill to my 4 yr old son's original building set with all the tools. This is the perfect "pretend" wood for him to learn how to build. You get additional "wood", screws & nails which is exactly what we needed.

Great Standard Model Kit

I've seen these kits around for a long time and had some as a kid, never knew what they were called. Great standard set that comes with all the pieces needed to make something cool - and will extend and work with any other sets you may have as well. Instructions are only ok and some of the pieces are of subpar quality, but there's a good amount here overall for the price. Requires a bit of creativity to break the mold of the model examples but there's a lot you can make out of these. 4.5-4.75 stars

Keep them amused for hours!!!!

Bought each of my nephews one ( age 7 and age 4). They went absolutely crazy with excitement when they opened them! I bought the extra "wood pieces" along with the tool set. My sister said they played with them the whole next day building! If you have little ones that love tools and to build i think you should try these!!

Worth a little extra

Highly recommend getting these along with the tool set! Trust me the kids will need more!

Would buy again

Was a nice gift for my 5 year old grandson.

Grest way for children to expand their imagination

Great for my son who loves building things, and to get the imagination going. The screws are the best for holding it together and the pins for construction. To me it was all a bit wobbly without the screws. Nice if it came in different colours though.

Disappointed in quality

Not at all like the description- tape measure is a joke, and the tools will break within a day and my boys are actually pretty gentle.

Updated Erector

For those who grew up with Erector. The only issue was, it had the old instructions and missing a part for the new instructions from their webste.

Don't recommend. Find better quality elsewhere!

The directions are hard to follow. It doesn't stay tight and quickly comes loose. Our son who loves to build eventually started building his own designs but it wouldn't stay together. Now it sits in a box never played with.

useful toy for a child interested in making things

Felt a bit light but seems to do what it says on the box

Such a fun new build project!

I have 4 girls that have built about every lego during quarantine and I had to look elsewhere for ideas and I'm so glad I found this! At first the instructions were a bit hard to follow so i contacted the seller that immediately emailed me the instructions that are to be in all new buys. The kids took off and built and disassembled and built again. This will be on extended family gift lists for sure! A lot of fun.

Great, usable tool set for children

This tool set exceeded all my expectations. I had ordered several different lines of toy tools, trying to get all the different pieces I wanted, and none compared to this. The tool bag is beautiful - very good quality, strong material, well constructed and sewn. The little saws are safe for young ones, but will saw through the foam wood, so it seems very realistic for the children. (The hole saw was a big hit with my 5-year old granddaughter!) The screws screw into the foam wood just like the real thing, and hold the foam components together very well. The delivery was fast, and I received a follow-up email checking to see that I was satisfied with my purchase. Great products, nice folks - a very good company! I'll be back!

Slightly disappointed

The tools are made of very lightweight plastic and i feel may not hold well. I bought this for my grandson who is 4 and he is very strong and active. The foam wood is fun and easy to work with but not enough of it. Need to order more already. The tool bag is very nice and of good quality. Would not order again.