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MALUVRIAN Erector Set for Boys - Girls | Metal Model Kits for Adults Teens and Advanced Kids Stem Toys | Build A Car Plane or Excavator | Educational Toys | Engineering Toys | Building Kit | 288 pcs

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$25.50 USD

ERECTOR SETS Build cars a plane or an excavator with this erector sets pieces. Great for so many ages. These models are like a 3d metal puzzle just waiting to be completed

GREAT GIFT IDEA This is a challenging erector set meant for advanced kids, teens, and adults

DETAILED ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS They are easy to follow, but make sure to separate the like pieces before you start building. If you prefer, build your own different crafts and vehicles with the pieces

SIX MODELS Building the cars the plane or the excavator using almost all metal parts results in an amazing finished product that could be displayed if desired

FUN ACTIVITIES Fun bonding time with you and your younger builder or take on the challenge of using your creative thinking to build something on your own

Customer Reviews

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Got him off his phone

Good value, kids like to do these things as they are a bit more challenging than playing with already pre-made toys. They work well, it may be harder for some kids to get a grasp of what to do, but this teaches them to be attentive to instructions. Good value.

Great Gift

I bought this for the neighbor boy. He's 9 and very mechanically inclined. He put it together one Sunday. It worked great, he had no problems with it, and he had fun.

Fun Challenge!

As a grandparent, I'm always looking for new things to build, do, and see with my grandkids. Over the last several years, a few of them have been fanatics about building sets. We couldn't keep enough of them around. So, when I saw this one, I jumped the chance of grabbing a new type for the kids to try. I find this type of building a good change of pace from the other types and would purchase similar sets in the future.

Solid Parts

As described in the title, the components of this erector set look solid and it’s nice that they are largely made of metal, so this set will likely last a long time and survive multiple play and reb-build sessions. While I am happy with the components, the instructions look really complex and somewhat inscrutable, especially for a child. I was hoping to do this activity with a younger relative, but because of the instructions I now see why it says ages 12 and older on the box. However, I think this could be done as an activity with a younger kid, so long as they have some adult guidance on sorting and identifying the parts, and some help with interpreting the instructions.

Fun Building Set with Neat Vehicles

With this Erector like building set you can build several different vehicles using metal pieces, screws, nuts, and other components. A small wrench and screwdriver are included. These types of sets require a bit more dexterity than the brick building sets since you have to use both hands and some skill to manipulate loose parts, a screw, a nut, and tools during assembly. It can also help kids learn about part picking and organization since there are many parts such as the screws that are only different by their lengths. Organizing the parts beforehand will make building these models quicker and easier. So it's like real world maintenance or manufacturing in that respect. It will give kids good experience and practice with this type of work while building a toy. They can also modify these designs or build something completely different as well.