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I bought this set for my niece and nephew and I am so excited for them to try it! Inside the box is a very nice bag that will hold all the tools and anything else they want to tote around and it looks like it will last a very long time! Great for kids that want to build but are too young for actual nails and tools.


The bag this kit comes with is very high quality. There's so much to do with the materials provided to start building immediately. I got this for my 6 year old daughter and she loved it. She also couldn't keep her 4 year old cousins away! Great for all ages, girls and boys.


My son loves his tool set. It came with so many tools, even a hand drill to make perfect circles. And the tool bag is awesome!! My only complaint, well not even a complaint but how and where do we get more "wood"??? We have run out and need more!!


Our two year old has been enjoying this tool set! It has helped keep him away from the real tools and he still gets to help


I actually ordered this kit for a dementia care community. I wanted to make a men's station where our men could stop and safely pick up tools or build something. 


This was the perfect gift for my son as he loves to build. The tools, while plastic are fairly study. The tool bag is great, so much that I may use it too! The best part of the kit was the foam building prices. My son loved sawing , nailing and screwing them together.


This is a great distraction for my son and what's awesome about this is that he's actually learning. It caught my eye and it seemed like a good educational toy for my boy and it's nice that he loves it!

We bought this for my seven year old daughter. She really enjoyed working with all of the tools and building like dad does. This was a great challenge for her and helped build some of the STEM skills we wanted to her to expierence.

Amazon Customer

I was amazed that the tools a professional carpenter needs are here. It even has the tools that I don't. I can now begin to teach my kids the basics of building and constructing. I want him to be able to build things that he wants and this will help him a lot.